Get to know the world’s most endangered plants – an introduction to cycads

CSG members Nathalie Nagalingum and James Clugston have collaborated on the following video introduction to cycads:

“Cycads are a model group for both education and science communication because of their incredible evolutionary history, ancient origin, and conservation threats. Cycad are at risk due to illegal poaching, over-collection, and habitat loss, and communicating these threats is very important to cycad survival. In a highly connected world, science communication is vital and online media can quickly get the message across.

This video i provides an informative introduction to the cycads for scientists and non-scientists alike. The video introduces the Cycad Specialist Group (CSG), and explains cycad history, morphology, diversity, and reproduction. We hope the video will become a resource for all those who have an interest in getting to know and conserving the cycads.”

Get to know the world’s most endangered plants from James Clugston on Vimeo.