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Welcome to the first issue of Cycads, the Newsletter of the Cycad Specialist Group! I am excited to introduce our new venue for communicating important new findings and conservation updates on this fascinating group of living treasures. And, it is a wonderful issue to begin with, with a great diversity of papers on subjects that range from workshop reports, to updates on long term conservation efforts, previews of research, and improvements in taxonomy and nomenclature.

Patrick Griffith, IUCN/SSC CSG Co-chair

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  • Message from Dr. Patrick Griffith, Co-chair, IUCN/SSC CSG
  • Cycad d’Or, “Golden Cycad” awarded to Dr. Dennis Wm. Stevenson

Feature Articles

  • Nong Nooch Cycad Horticulture Workshop: A report (Anders Lindstrom)
  • Cycad Nomenclature Notes:  Regarding Specimens and Epitypes (Michael Calonje) 
  • Visiting the equatorial cycads of Uganda (Phakamani Xaba & De Wet Bösenberg)

Research and Conservation News

  • News from the Entomology & Sustainable Nurseries Subgroups (Willie Tang)
  • Reassessment of the conservation status of Zamia in Puerto Rico (Julio C. Lazcano Lara)
  • An international program of long-term ecological research for Cycad conservation (Cristina Lopez-Gallego)
  • Cycad propagation by rural nurseries in Mexico as an alternative conservation strategy: 25 years on (A.P. Vovides, M.A. Pérez-Farrera & C. Iglesias)
  • Towards a comprehensive phylogeny and classification of Cycas (Nathalie S. Nagalingum)
  • Illegal trade of Cycas cones in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar (JS Khuraijam & Rita Singh)
  • A reassessment of Ceratozamia mexicana (Andrew P. Vovides, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Miguel Angel Pérez-Farrera, Sergio López-Mendoza & Sergio Avendaño)
  • The application of RADseq for conservation genomics of Australian Cycas
    (James A. R. Clugston & Nathalie Nagalingum)
  • Call for image contributions to The World List of Cycads website (Michael Calonje)
  • Ex-situ conservation of Cycads at CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (JS Khuraijam & RK Roy)
  • Preliminary results of Cuban Zamia research and conservation Project
    (R. Oviedo, G. Brull, L. Gonzalez, M. Calonje & J. Francisco-Ortega)

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